Anti-microbial copper

Source of infection
Surfaces that are touched often constitute a major focus of infection, like door handles,
push plates on doors, door knobs, taps and bed sides.

Research has shown that a "dirty hand" will contaminate at least seven objects. The dirt on
the hand may well be invisible - just holding a hand in front of your mouth when you cough
may be enough. Did you know that 35% of people have fecal bacteria on their hands? We
have had centuries to safeguard ourselves against this by building up immunity. But we
don't have immunity against the current, newly-hatched corona-virus and that's why it
poses such a threat.

Anti-microbial copper has a lethal effect on both bacteria and viruses (see below for a
historical and scientific overview). That is why we have developed a range of products out
of anti-bacterial copper in order to limit the risk of infection. Did you know that bacteria can
survive on stainless steel and plastics for days or even weeks?


Limiting the spread of MRSA, corona-virus, SARS and other bacterial and viral infections,
as well as most fungi.


Home owners' associations, for individual homes, elevators and door knobs, hospitals,
public transportation, nursing homes etc.

How does it work?

The anti-microbial copper attacks the bacteria from various angles. Bacteria, viruses and
fungi are killed so quickly that they don't get a chance to develop resistance.

The mechanism by which anti-microbial copper kills the micro-organisms is not entirely
clear. For the time being, it is thought that copper ions are released (e.g. from an elevator
button or door handle). These copper ions destroy the cell membrane and cause essential
liquids to leak out. Copper ions enter the cell and then disturb internal processes and
enzymes; eventually the DNA becomes damaged and the cell dies.

Elevator buttons in various sizes, square, round, special shapes (arrows) etc. 12, 13, 14
up to 30 mm. Elevator button set 10 pieces Price € 48
Elevator buttons can also be made with floor numbers, symbol for closing/opening doors,
etc. Lift button set with symbol/number, package 5 pcs € 42
When ordering please indicate diameter and floor numbers/symbols