Face mask holder, plastic

Mondkaphouder kunststof mondmasker masker corona cover facemask face mask mouth holder schutzmaske Porta mascarilla, plástico Porta maschera per il viso, in plastica

The filter is only as good as the filter material used.

The cheapest face mask in the world in super strong plastic version! Per filling € 0.02

Per set of 3 pieces.

Each set contains the same number of holders in sizes: M, L and XL.

1 set (3 pieces)

Per unit € 3,00
(Total price € 9,00)

3 set (9 pieces)

Per unit € 2,85
(Total price € 25,65)

5 sets (15 pieces)

Per unit € 2,70
(Total price € 40,50)

We also offer silicon masks , suitable for children and babies.

Product information

With a hygienic mask, with which you can see everyone abroad walking on the street, you avoid infecting others. However, also think of yourself. COVID19 comes out of the nose and throat through coughing and sneezing. The virus is released into the air via small aerosols. These droplets can float in the air for a long time. Protect yourself and your loved ones. With this frame you can easily make a basic protection, which fits well on the face and is quick and easy to refill. These mouth cap holders fit perfectly on the face. The air you breathe passes through the filter material.
In addition to the frame, you will need the following

  • Filter material, for example FFP2 filter material, kitchen roll, tissue,or garage paper
  • Elastic bands or cord (150mm)
For instruction watch the video.

The version can be disinfected and cleaned with soap.


To ensure that you receive your mouthpiece holder without scratches, it comes with protective film on both sides. These are easy to remove.

We invite everyone to request the design from us. Request CNC design and drawings. (version 2.0)