Family face mask holder or hand-out set, plastic

The cheapest face mask in the world in super strong plastic version!


1 set

€ 36,95 each

Product information

The mouthpiece holder family or hand set is easy to use. The polycarbonate mouthpiece holder is super light and very flexible, fits well on the face. The hygiene mask starter set is easy to use.
For a comfortable basic protection in public space combine the:


  • Mouthpiece holders A
  • Sheet disposable filter material B
  • Sheet reusable reinforced Polyester non woven C.
  • Elastics bands D

The reusable mouthpiece holder can be cleaned or disinfected after use. By reusing the mouthpiece holder, waste is saved. The filter material sheets are skin-friendly and suitable for private use, not medically tested.

To ensure that you receive your polycarbonate mouthpiece holders without scratches, there is a two-sided protective film on the holders. These are easy to remove.

The set includes:

  • 4 sets of 3 sizes of mouthpiece holders (S, M, L)
  • 4 sets of elastic band (reusable)
  • 12 pieces of reinforced polyester non-woven sheets 
  • 12 pcs disposable filter material non-woven sheets