Full-face masks

A positive-pressure mask that protects eyes, nose and mouth. Since much more air is
supplied than the wearer exhales, condensation is purged and the climate inside the mask
remains comfortable. Most people report that this mask is more comfortable to wear than a
fitted mask and goggles, which are in direct contact with one's skin. Since the face is
protected completely, the full-face mask provides more security. Patients can not only hear
but also see the physician clearly, which makes for better contact and a stronger
relationship of trust.

The mask can be supplied with breathing air, if available, or by means of a compressor. It
is easy to clean the mask.

Ordinary household foil can be used to add an extra layer after the mask has been
inflated; this can then be pulled away if/when it has become dirty. One of our customers
decided to cut out an opening at mouth height for eating, and closed the hole afterwards
with tape, but that is not the intended use.

For 1 collar + 10 domes € 298,-
For 10 extra domes € 48,-
Excl. air pump, This can be ordered at 3M outlets.

Patent requested