Plastic facemask holder with rubber foam and special inlay filter material

Flexible facemask holder with rubber foam to reduce airleakage

Set in the sizes for the child (S), female (M) & male (L)
including 50 tissue filter and 1 textile reinforcement so the price is € 0.49  / each

1 piece

€ 29,- each

3 pieces

€27,- each

5 pieces

€25,- each

Product information

With this plastic facemask, you create a better seal due to the rubber frame and the special cut paper to cover up the air-leakage around the nose. Facemasks which you can see everyone abroad walking on the street, you avoid infecting others. However, also think of yourself. COVID19 comes out of the nose and throat through coughing and sneezing. The virus is released into the air via small aerosols. These droplets can float in the air for a long time. Protect yourself and your loved ones. With this frame, you can easily make basic protection, which fits well on the face and is quick and easy to refill. These mouth cap holders fit perfectly on the face. The air you breathe passes through the filter material.

Included in the set:
1x mouthpiece plastic holder size S, L and XL
50x paper sheets
3x elastic band
1x textile reinforcement

How to put it on