Spray shield - 5L

5 liter

(€ 140,-)

€ 28,-/L

25 liter

(€ 612,50)

€ 24,50/L


Spray-shield is a disinfectant surface treatment that works for a long time and is very suitable for public spaces. It can be applied by spraying (plant sprayer, paint sprayer, weed control sprayer) or with a brush or roller. Stainless steel and plastic surfaces in particular are the culprits on which the virus remains active for up to 4 days and transmits the virus from person to person.

The spray shield releases a little bit of disinfectance when touched so that it feels slightly sticky to the finger and that is exactly the intention. When the slightly sticky feeling on the surface has disappeared, it is time to reapply it. The sticky feeling also means that you will avoid contact with the injected surfaces, such as (stair) railings in public space. In an emergency, however, you can simply grab hold and your touch is less risky.


  • Clear coating
  • Made on a water basis so it does not contain any solvents
  • High solid content - increases the life of the adhesive layer
  • Is easy to wash off with water
  • Can be reapplied immediately

Typical characteristics

Form Colorless, liquid
Viscosity 140-160 sec Flow Cup No. 4
Specific dictitude 1.07-1.09
Solid components <30%
Consumption 6-8m2 per liter at 40μ layer thickness
Flammable Not flammable
Shelf life 24 months after production date, if stored correctly