Anti microbial copper textile

How to prevent spreading of corona virus

Here you can find solutions to prevent spreading of corona viruses. Possibly you have contacts in the medical or governmental branch. Please pass this information on to them and help with prevention. Alternative is to start a business in these easy to apply parts. We can supply in few days Antimicrobial copper textile has a killing effect for both bacteria and viruses (see historical and scientific treatment below). That is why we have developed a range of products from anti-bacterial copper textile to limit the risk of contamination. Did you know that bacteria on stainless steel, plastic and carton can survive for days to weeks? On copper they will be dead in up to 4 hours


Limiting the spread of MRSA, corona virus, SARS and other bacteria and viral infections, as well as most fungi.

How it works

The antimicrobial copper textile attacks the bacteria on several points. The speed with which it kills bacteria, viruses and fungi ensures that they have no time to develop resistance.

Exactly how the antimicrobial copper kills the microorganisms is not clear. For now, it is thought that copper ions are released. The copper textile destroy the cell membrane, causing leakage of essential fluids. Copper textile entering the cell disrupt essential processes and enzymes. Eventually, the DNA gets damaged and the cell dies.

Copper textile roll product information
width 110cm
Material thickness 0.08mm
weight 75 g/m2
Fabric density 230
Price € 148 m2